Multifamily Building Analyst Training – Fall 2014

September 4, 2014

Get the BPI Certification you need – Evening Classes! Our schedule allows you to finish the class in two months. e9370eed6038fa300d239b54bcac9ed3_330If you are an energy professional working in multifamily buildings or just want to learn about multifamily building energy analysis and efficiency, this is the class for you. GreenHomeNYC’s experienced network of building scientists will conduct classes to prepare you to become a certified BPI Multifamily Building Analyst (MFBA).   Our classes are condensed, 3 hour sessions 6 – 9pm, once a week, to complete the course in a little more than two months.   Our class includes over 175 Pages of digital handouts, some out of print, and some of the best new and classic information available about the subject matter.   

$850 Fee* Includes 10 Evening Training Classes,

175 Pages of e-publications, and all powerpoints!

* discounts available for GreenHomeNYC Volunteers & NESEA Members



  “Whether your focus is energy auditing, real estate development or building management, this is a valuable certification that will change the way you look at buildings, and poignantly delivered with the Padian flare!”  – Christopher Mahase, Director of Sustainability, NYC Housing Preservation & Development


“GreenHomeNYC’s MFBA class prepared me for the BPI Multifamily Buildings Auditor certification and allowed me to meet some amazing people currently working in New York’s green industry. The instructor brought with him a wealth of real-world experience that really drove home the concepts of multifamily building science and helped me to obtain my certification, which was key to me getting hired in the industry.”  – Mary Tchamkina, Program Associate, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.   “The MFBA class is taught by Andy Padian who is truly passionate about the material. You cannot help but feel excited about the lecture topic as his energy transfers to the class even after a long day at work. This class has real value to anyone who takes it. It is full of interesting learning and networking.”  – Ruth D. Ayalon, BPI-MFBA, Mechanical Engineer, Association for Energy Affordability. Course Description    Date Time Course Info Instructor 5/29 6-9pm Intro to Multifamily Building Efficiency;  Fuel Analysis Padian 6/3 6-9pm Central vs. Non-Central Heating of MF Buildings; Building Envelope TBD 6/5 6-9pm Central Heating Plants: Steam and Hydronic Boilers Padian 6/10 6-9pm Water and Domestic Hot Water Padian 6/12 6-9pm Building Science, Combustion Science, Combustion Chemistry Padian 6/17 6-9pm Health and Safety; TBD 6/19 6-9pm Lighting, Appliances, other Electric TBD 6/24 6-9pm Psychology: Owner-Tenant-Cooperator-Maintenance Issues Padian 6/26 6-9pm The Walkthrough:  What Do We Need to Record and Look at Padian TBD    SAT. 9-12pm or     1-4pm Field Visit, Walk through of a Multifamily Building Padian TBD TBD BPI Certification Exam costs additional $350 should you choose to become certified(optional) Numerous Providers    The class will be held on the Upper West Side (80’s) Thursday nights from 6 – 9 pm starting on October 2nd; paid registrants will be given the exact location.  The class will also include an optional Saturday field class.   REGISTER HERE!   About our lead instructor:  F.L. Andrew Padian has 35 years of experience in the unique building science of multifamily buildings, with an emphasis on the affordable housing sector. He has performed detailed energy analysis on thousands of buildings across the country, providing recommendations for energy and water efficiency, comfort, durability, and health & safety for both new and existing buildings.  

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