NESEA Master Workshops: February — sign up now

January 12, 2010

GreenHomeNYC and NY Designs are collaborating to bring three NESEA Master Workshops to La Guardia Community College this February. The workshops will be taught by Marc Rosenbaum. His work has been nationally recognized by ASHRAE, AIA, EEBA, and NESEA. Six AIA credits will be provided per workshop. Each workshop is $250 plus a one time registration fee of $15. A discount is available to NESEA members and CUNY students. This is the FIRST time these courses are being offered in New York City through NESEA. GreenHomeNYC is NESEA’s NYC chapter. February 16: Towards Zero Net Energy Homes Explore the methods for designing homes that require little or no non-renewable energy to power them. Learn about the best strategies to reduce energy loads – air sealing, insulation upgrades, glass & fenestration considerations, orientation and passive techniques, as well as information on reducing loads from domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting and appliances. Learn about biomass fuel-burning appliances, solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, solar electric & wind turbines through several case studies of zero annual net energy homes. February 17: Deep Energy Retrofit With the collapse of the financial markets & the US debt bubble it’s likely that new construction activity will contract. At the same time, peak oil and climate change will drive interest in dramatically reducing energy consumption in existing buildings. Now is the perfect time for you to learn about the deep energy retrofits of homes and other building types. Discover what the nature of the challenge is, where energy goes in homes, and look briefly at the underlying building science. Air barriers, insulation detailing & mechanical systems for low load retrofits will be illustrated primarily through case study examples. Bring your own  examples and situations for the group to resolve. February 18: Mechanical Systems for Architects & Builders As we reduce the space conditioning loads in buildings the traditional approaches for heating, cooling, ventilating and domestic hot water may not be the best choices. Get the tools to conceptualize the mechanical systems in your low load buildings, so as to avoid excessively-sized and overly costly solutions. This workshop was designed for you to learn about the basics – heating and cooling loads – and then look at systems to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to low load buildings. Other topics in this workshop include heat recovery ventilation, minisplit heat pumps, and solar hot water. Although primarily oriented to homes, the technologies and approaches are pertinent to multi-family dwellings and larger buildings or groups of buildings. This course is adapted from training for Passive House Consultants. To register, fill out the pre-registration form and get a 10% discount! Get more info at