November 9, 2020

Viewpoint: Getting Back to Paris

By Evan Mason   In all the confusion and excitement of the post-election drama, some of us may have missed a piece of important news: the day after Election Day, the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement became official. But that doesn’t mean it became permanent.   According to the NY Times, President-Elect Biden plans. Read more…

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November 6, 2020

Monthly Forum – Ventilation, Airsealing and COVID-19

Staying Safe Without Wasting Energy   Please join GreenHomeNYC at this month’s Forums event for a panel discussion + Q&A to learn about the latest Covid-19 guidance from these respected mechanical engineers.   This month’s forum will focus on how to ensure living spaces are properly ventilated — an increasingly important issue as we enter. Read more…

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Ventilation and Air Quality in our Apartments in the COVID-19 Era

By Salmata Kaba   As we enter the ninth month of Covid-19 and transition to a cold-weather version of the “new normal” we are all trying to digest the advice that we are reading in order to stay healthy indoors.   Experts say increased ventilation and air filtration are key to maintaining indoor air quality. Read more…

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November 5, 2020

GreenHomeNYC Virtual Tour: Can We Fix Everything? Bring Sustainability Home

Join Sandra Goldmark, Barnard professor and author of Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet, for a quarantine-tour of her home.   Here’s an excerpt from the book:     “We know that as humans, we need stuff; we are deeply entangled with it. And we know that stuff can be a good. Read more…

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November 3, 2020

Climate Week 2020 Highlight: Project Drawdown

By Tamanna Mohapatra   Imagine a city as a sanctuary for nature, solar panels on all buildings, no need for cars, and regenerative farming practiced everywhere. So began “Drawdown 2020: The Time is Now,” a Climate Week NYC  talk sponsored by Ethical NYC, Drawdown NYC, 350NYC, and Climate Reality NYC in September of 2020.  . Read more…

October 22, 2020

Remembering Cecil Corbin-Mark

It is with deep sadness that we convey that Cecil Corbin-Mark, the Deputy Director and Director of Policy Initiatives at WE ACT for Environmental Justice passed away on October 15, 2020.   When we reached out to Cecil to ask him to speak at GHNYC’s June forum on “Sustainability in the 2020 Election Cycle,” in. Read more…

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October 19, 2020

Election Days are Upon Us!

Election Day is November 3, but you can act sooner!     Registered Voters in New York State, don’t miss these deadlines! Apply for Your Ballot by October 27! The quickest and simplest way to request your ballot is by going to the Absentee Ballot Application Portal. You can find other options for ordering for your. Read more…

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October 7, 2020

Green Careers – October – Sustainability in Government

Interested in Sustainability in Government? Join us for a panel on the Government sector!   NYC and NYS are taking many steps toward greening our city and to ensure it happens there are many government agencies involved in carrying out these plans. Varied agencies take on different roles and responsibilities and it can be difficult. Read more…

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September 30, 2020

Monthly Forum – Circular Economy

The circular economy has been a buzz word in recent years, with reference to it from the United Nations to the World Economic Forum. But what does transitioning from a linear take-make-waste economy to a circular one really entail? And what are the tools and missing links that can enable this transition to happen? Join. Read more…

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September 28, 2020

Advancing Toward A Circular New York

By Kirstie Dabbs   New York City’s latest OneNYC 2050 strategy outlines an ambitious sustainability agenda that includes goals to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. New Yorkers who track city- and state-wide environmental goals and regulations are likely aware of the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Read more…