December 26, 2019

Sustainable Fashion Panel: Fashion for the Future

  By Melanie Mason   In partnership with the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, GreenHomeNYC curated a multifaceted panel discussion on the challenges and progress in sustainable fashion, one of the most polluting industries in the world.   On Wednesday November 20th, our panelists discussed innovations that ranged from design to chemistry, from up-cycling to inclusivity.. Read more…

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December 18, 2019

Thanks for another great GreenHomeNYC year!

Thanks to the support of our tireless volunteers, brilliant speakers, generous venue hosts and outreach partners, GreenHomeNYC is proud to look back on another year of great programming. We presented over 20 events on topics ranging from sustainable fashion and transportation to climate change policy, waste, and the nexus of water and energy. Here are just. Read more…

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October 31, 2019

Monthly Forum: Sustainable Fashion Panel

  GreenHomeNYC and the NYC Fair Trade Coalition bring you a curated panel discussion on sustainable fashion. While the fashion industry and its practices have been shifting more into public awareness, the challenges to better the industry are great. Through the lens of design, community organizing, and science, our panelists will touch on their own work,. Read more…

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October 28, 2019

Green Careers September Recap: Careers Paths to Energy Efficient Buildings

By Elena Weissmann Photo by Alicja Osinska On September 10, 2019, the GreenHomeNYC community gathered at GROHE to learn from industry experts about jobs in the energy efficient buildings arena here in New York City. We were lucky to be joined by Elizabeth Taveras of the NYC Division of Energy Management (DEM), Daquan Dennis from. Read more…

October 26, 2019

Green Careers August Recap: Careers in Academia

By Carl Hourihan   Photo by Ross Jaffe   On August 13, 2019, Green Careers hosted a varied panel of professionals in academia to share their career journeys. While their paths each took a different direction, the three speakers had two things in common: their paths all had many twists and turns, and they all. Read more…

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October 17, 2019

{Green Careers} October: Government Edition

NYC and NY state are taking many steps toward greening our city, and to ensure they happen there are a slew of government agencies who are involved in carrying them out. Different public agencies focus on different actions and it can be difficult to see how to get involved and which agency would be best. Read more…

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September 30, 2019

Monthly Forum: The Heart of the NYC Green New Deal – LL97

New York City recently enacted one of the most revolutionary initiatives in its history, aimed at reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Mobilization Act (nicknamed by some as “a Green New Deal for New York City”) significantly limits carbon emissions for most buildings larger than 25,000 square feet. The centerpiece, known as Local. Read more…

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September 25, 2019

Green Building Tour: SIMS Municipal Recycling Plant

Join GreenHomeNYC for a tour of the SIMS municipal recycling plant in Sunset Park.   The 11-acre Brooklyn sorting facility features a Recycling Education Center that includes a theater, interactive exhibits, lunch space, and an outdoor patio. Experience the state-of-the-art sorting process from an elevated observation deck above hundreds of tons of recyclables that came. Read more…

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September 21, 2019

The Green New Deal and it’s Journey at the Local Level

By Melanie Mason   Last winter, legislation for a Green New Deal (GND) was written, and activists and politicians have been working to push the political agenda that aims to combat climate change. The charge was originally led by the Sunrise Movement, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and Senator Ed Markey. (For more background on the. Read more…

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September 12, 2019

Talking Trash

Forums Recap: Recycling Today, How It Works and What You Can Do To Improve It   By Pamela Berns   If you’re a New Yorker who actively recycles, you probably know that when it comes to recycling in New York City, tissues count as garbage, not paper, ice cream containers can’t be recycled, and film. Read more…