October 3, 2021

The Rise of Green Entrepreneurship

By Allison Duncil

What is green entrepreneurship and why is it important in our world today? Green entrepreneurship refers to a business that’s actively addressing environmental or social needs—like global warming and climate change. These businesses are often coming up with unique ideas, that may have a high level of risk, to help solve these issues in a long-lasting way. With the COVID-19 crisis and the rise of extreme weather conditions, we’re noticing that people are even more supportive of green businesses and looking for more solutions to these rising problems.


September 5, 2021

New York Gets Smart

By Allison Duncil

How is New York becoming a smarter city? By taking resourceful action towards street lighting efficiency, waste management and more, the metropolis is building for the future. With over 9,000 startups and 100+ co-working spaces, New York is actively addressing the needs of today and is one of the leaders in the smart cities revolution. 


August 8, 2021

Monthly Forum: Dirty Energy Around the World

With the international emphasis on electrification, we must focus on the amount of electricity that is being generated by renewables rather than carbon based fuels. In all but one state in the US (and in much of the EU), there are not as many renewables as hoped in the energy mix. (Watch the recording of this forum on our Youtube channel!)


July 31, 2021

Paradise Lost: A Family Adapts to Our Changing Planet

By Pamela Berns

With unprecedented flooding, record breaking heat, and rapidly spreading wildfires, loss and devastation monopolize the headlines. Even those of us who have remained gratefully safe are seeing our lives change in more subtle ways, as our plans literally shift with the winds. Here’s one family’s story.


Energy Efficiency Matters

By Bani Pouyanfar

US energy use is about the same now as it was in 2000, despite economic growth of about 30 percent. Wondering why?


July 2, 2021

What to Watch: Two Green Film Reviews

By Tamanna Mohapatra 

The Biggest Little Farm: Available on: Hulu, Run time:  91 minutes, Release: 2018.
More information at: https://www.biggestlittlefarmmovie.com

Directed and narrated by John Chester, a former documentary cinematographer, “The Biggest Little Farm” is both funny and hopeful. This film is almost like watching a dream, except real.  Within the span of seven years, an ordinary couple creates  a sustainable farm without very little background, just by applying one sustainable principle after another. 


Solar Energy: Making it Last

By Jude Jussim

The capacity for solar power generation in the US has grown tremendously, from 314 megawatts (MW) in 1990 to 47.8 million MW in 2020–over 3% of US electricity. Contributing to this growth has been a dramatic decline in the cost of solar panels, with further reductions likely. 


May 28, 2021

Monthly Forum: Primary Day (June 22, 2021)—Voting Matters!

By Evan Mason and Raul Larios

If there’s one thing that we learned from the November 2020 elections, it is that voting really does matter.  And in NYC, voting in the primaries matters even more given the fact that  Democrats outnumber  Republicans 8:1. This means that the Democrats who win in the upcoming June 22nd  primary will probably become our political leaders for the next several years.


May 4, 2021

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Cryin’

By Raul Larios

A climate crisis is looming to be sure, but don’t let the sun catch you cryin’, as the title of the Ray Charles song says. That’s because New York City can do its part, in a very big way, to help prevent it.


May 3, 2021

Monthly Forum: The Future of NYC’s Streetscape

With the mayoral elections coming up and a multi-billion dollar federal infrastructure funding on the horizon, 2021 is a pivotal year in NYC. There is a lot of potential for real change on the Streets of New York. There has been significant progression in making our streets more equitable and sustainable over the last year, but still many roadblocks remain.