Monthly Forum: Dirty Energy Around the World

August 8, 2021

With the international emphasis on electrification, we must focus on the amount of electricity that is being generated by renewables rather than carbon based fuels. In all but one state in the US (and in much of the EU), there are not as many renewables as hoped in the energy mix. (Watch the recording of this forum on our Youtube channel!)

With the efficiency of electricity from the plant to the plug around 35%, and for instance, electricity in NYC and elsewhere 25 cents/kwh or more, can we afford the increased carbon and cost of electrification? Further, pushing natural gas bans in new construction and retrofit has environmental justice implications for people in low income housing, where electrification mandates could increase costs for families while increasing carbon emissions in the same neighborhoods.

Join GreenHomeNYC for an honest and civil discussion on how dirty our electricity really is, and how we must focus on clean energy before electrification.

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Andrew Padian, Building Scientist, Policy and Retrofit Expert: Padian has 40+ years experience looking at energy use in buildings, with an emphasis on efficiency and retrofit to increase building cash flow while reducing carbon. He has worked in City, State, and Federal policy during that time, and is a dedicated environmentalist, speaking across the country on these subjects.

Zoe Ferguson, JD. Zoe is an environmental and land use attorney at Lieberman Blecher & Sinkevich, P.C. She works on litigation matters concerning air and water pollution, conservation, local land use and planning, and environmental cleanup and remediation. She also has experience in international law and has written for the Carbon Tax Center.