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June 5, 2017

June Tour: 475 High Performance Building Supply House and Demo



Join us to learn how leading architects and developers achieve rigorous Passive House standards here in the City.  We will tour the 475 High Performance Building Supply warehouse in Brooklyn to learn about the latest products that can lead to 90% reductions in heating and cooling energy usage.  Founded and run by architects, 475 provides building knowledge and components to help professionals meet the international Passive House building standards. Guests will be treated to an interactive presentation on green building materials and diagnostic testing that improve air sealing, ventilation, fenestration, thermal insulation, and overall performance.  This is a hands-on experience with cutting edge green building materials.  It’s the next best thing to being in the Paris Agreement!   After the tour guests are encouraged to join GreenHomeNYC for networking drinks at nearby Threes Brewing  

Space is limited. RSVP Today!


November 22, 2016

Nature Does it Better: Biomimicry in Architecture and Engineering

by Zack Mortice  

Photo Courtesy: Baumgartner + Uriu Architecture

The most important convergence of design and biological sciences today relies on “innovation” that’s millions, if not billions, of years old.   Biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems; biomimicry in architecture and manufacturing is the practice of designing buildings and products that simulate or co-opt processes that occur in nature. There are ultrastrong synthetic spider silks, adhesives modeled after gecko feet, and wind-turbine blades that mimic whale fins.  

“The way biological systems solve problems is pretty different from the way engineered systems solve problems,” says Peter Niewiarowski, biologist at the University of Akron and its Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center.

  Human-designed solutions, he says, are crude and additive. They rely on using more materials or energy to accelerate reactions—both costly expenditures. Natural processes rely on unique geometry and material properties…   Read more at Redshift  

September 2, 2013

The Green Spotlight on BE NYC: Samantha Schoenberger

Countdown to BE NYC! With only50days until the conference, GreenHomeNYC is shining the spotlight on the experts who will be making the BE NYC an exceptional industry event!   One of the professionals participating in the conference is Samantha SchoenbergerScreen shot 2013-09-02 at 4.41.26 PM Ms. Schoenberger, LEED AP, BPI MFBA, is the Real Estate Facilities Manager for Selfhelp Community Services.  An extremely intelligent and driven young woman, Samantha grew up modestly in Newburgh, NY.  Having wanted to be an architect from the age of seven, she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering from Alfred State College of Technology in 2007.  Samantha has worked since she was fourteen; her experience more recently includes positions at Habitat for Humanity NYC, Enterprise Community Partners, and an architecture firm.  She loves drawing and is an avid runner who is currently training for her seventh half-marathon.  Ms. Schoenberger was a presenter at last year’s NESEA conference in New York City, a speaker on tenant outreach at the Supportive Housing Network of New York (SHNNY) Managing Lean and Green Program, and a panel participant on Construction Management Training at Enterprise Community Partners.   Samantha is the co-chair for the Multifamily Track of BuildingEnergy NYC 2013. (more…)