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September 21, 2010

Maiden Voyage of Jerko the Gowanus Canal Water Vacuum

One of our fantastic tours : Floating on one of New York’s most environmentally disturbed waterways and powered by vikings, ‘Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum’ is a salvaged houseboat that has been transformed into a laboratory and showspace for do-it-yourself sustainability projects. From its parabolic solar tea maker (created from broken mirrors and a dumpstered satellite dish) to its living machine (made out of pickle buckets, wetland plants and pvc), this rough and ready design collective marries do-it-yourself garage engineering with sustainable design principles. The crew of Jerko The Gowanus Water Vacuum will set out on a maiden voyage through New York’s most legendary canal. See the Schedule of Events to sign up for fascinating tour of this unique Brooklyn House Boat. 1:30pm: The fleet arrives/christening celebration 3-5pm: Jerko onboard tours, sign up. Where: 2nd St b/w Bond and the Canal