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June 8, 2010

Buildings, climate change and behavior

GreenHomeNYC board member Alison Novak reflects on behavior and green buildings. Recently I’ve been hearing too much of the same depressing argument: we can’t solve climate change through technology alone but the masses of consumers won’t alter their behavior until there is a direct economic cost to them, such as vastly higher fuel costs. Then I was fortunate enough to attend the latest of the Garrison Institute’s “Climate, Buildings and Behavior” conferences (a GreenHomeNYC Partner-in-Practice was also in attendance, Miquela Craytor, representing Sustainable South Bronx). Re-examining the tenets of neoclassical economics in light of data provided to us by behavioral economics and neuroeconomics, gave me a glimpse of an alternate way of looking at the problem of getting people to change how they live without waiting for dire circumstances. (more…)

April 6, 2010

Green Career Profile: Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan, Sustainable Infrastructure Research Analyst, Terrapin Bright Green In simple terms, what did your life look like before you worked with Terrapin? I was a graphic designer for corporate identity and marketing for about 4 years before I just got tired of doing work that had no real social mission. So, I joined the Peace Corps and moved to Thailand.  At least that’s the long story short. Describe your “Ah-Ha!” moment that shaped your decision to work in this field? I actually had three “Ah-Ha!” moments that formed my decision. Though they were more like puzzle pieces that had to all fit together before I could figure out my next step. The first was when I realized that most of the social and economic obstacles encountered by the people I worked with in Thailand had distinct links to environmental degradation, both in their communities and across the greater landscape. (more…)