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January 26, 2016

{Green Careers} January 2016 Recap: Professional Certifications & Exams

by Kimberly Stempien

  2015-01-12_GHNYC Green CareersYou’ve targeted a career in the green building industry – now what do you need to know about professional certifications to further your career?   The Green Careers Group started off 2016 with an informative discussion on industry accreditations.  Students, practicing engineers, and other sustainability professionals gathered at DORMA Design Center to hear three sustainability and energy efficiency experts discuss the importance of different professional credentials, their use in the industry, and informational resources.   (more…)

November 29, 2009

Education for Career Transitions

Looking to green your career? Whether you are a building industry professional or just someone searching for a more sustainable career path, the following educational opportunities can help you learn more about the theory and practice of green. (more…)

August 11, 2009

Green Building Rating Systems Updates – August 2009

As LEED moves into its v3 2009 iteration, many other local, state, private, and international green building guideline programs continue to evolve as well.  The green certification process options are fairly straightforward in New York City – outside of choosing a voluntary system (such as LEED), the only other New York-specific guidelines apply to affordable housing (HPD, DHCR) and public projects (Local Law 86). Otherwise, developers can seek to qualify for more than one voluntary system if it seems appropriate.  Enterprise Community Partners’ Green Community Guidelines (for affordable housing), for example, specifically make note of where credits overlap with LEED, and were developed in conjunction with the USGBC.  Thus, in many situations the trick is to be aware of how many guidelines a project can qualify for, to potentially get the biggest bang for your buck. Different guidelines have different approaches too, swinging from the performance-based approach (reduce energy consumption by 15%, regardless of how you do it) to a prescriptive path (you must install a 1.6 gpf toilet) Following is a listing of the more notable developments from the past year in the world of green building guidelines/ certification programs.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should act as a decent overview of how this industry continues to expand and change. (more…)