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March 7, 2010

Green building ratings, down under

Here in NYC, green buildings are rated by the US Green Building Council, who developed and promote the LEED building rating system. GreenHomeNYC volunteer Brian Rahm takes a look at a similar organization 8,000 miles away: the New Zealand Green Building Council. NZGBC has established a rating system called Green Star, similar to the LEED paradigm. Up to now, rating and green building work in New Zealand has focused on commercial property rather than residential. Because of this focus, and the relatively recent interest in green building principles, many of the properties highlighted by NZGBC are still in the design phase, and are typically large multi-use high-rises in urban environments. (more…)

November 29, 2009

Education for Career Transitions

Looking to green your career? Whether you are a building industry professional or just someone searching for a more sustainable career path, the following educational opportunities can help you learn more about the theory and practice of green. (more…)

November 23, 2009

Fall 2009 Policy Briefing

There has been considerable activity on the policy and regulatory front on every level – Federal, State, and City.  This is excellent news for green building owners and advocates.  This briefing aims to be just that – a concise look into a breadth of movement in fall 2009.

GreenHomeNYC's Andrew Padian of the Community Preservation Corporation, with Michael Lappin.

But first, the New York Times ran a piece this week on the Community Preservation Corporation and GHNYC’s very own Andrew Padian.  It cover’s the CPC’s new “green financing initiative” that offers mortgages or refinancing to landlords who fix inefficient energy and water systems in their buildings.  The CPC projects that saving will be large enough for owners to cover the loan, and then some.  The piece gets into detail on some strategies of older, inefficient buildings.  Check it out. Federal Government – Senate Committee Passes the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act – Cash for Caulking Program Debated NYS Government – Legislature Passes PACE enabling legislation NYC Government – Mayor Bloomberg releases 30 point plan to grow NYC’s green economy Other – USGBC releases report on national impact of green building on economy – States slashing solar incentive programs (more…)

February 6, 2009

Sources for IEQ-friendly Carpets?

I am building a holistic medical clinic on Long Island and am interested in putting in green/environmental commercial carpets in my treatment room areas. I was wondering if you had any referrals as to where I can purchase these carpets. I am having a hard time finding any companies in New York that sell them. – Pina Thanks Pina. One question that you might ask is “do I really need carpet?”. Carpets trap dust and can help promote persistence of allergens in a room, so many green builders & standards recommend that you use a sustainable, non-vinyl floor covering with a low-VOC adhesive & finish instead of putting down carpet. (more…)