April 9, 2023

Green Careers – Resume Workshop

Join GreenHomeNYC Careers group on April 11th for an IN-PERSON resume workshop. During timed sessions with green career professionals, you’ll receive constructive, personalized feedback on how to present your skills and experience so you get the attention of employers and land the job you want!

Resume reviewers with be paired with attendees throughout the evening–think of it as speed dating but for resume-reviewing.

Sign up today to secure your spot for the resume workshop. Limited spots available.



February 25, 2021

Green Careers: Diversity in Green

The GreenHomeNYC Careers group is hosting a panel on Diversity in Green.

For an industry to thrive, there has to be a diversity of thought and representation. Please join us on March 9th with our diverse panel of New Yorkers, as they share with us how they started in the sustainability field and where they see the future of inclusivity for an industry that is poised to greatly expand.

Speakers include:   (more…)

February 4, 2021

Green Careers: Community Action

The GreenHomeNYC Careers group is hosting a panel on Community Action.

Community action plays a significant role in the acceleration of a greener environment. Come hear from professionals who work to educate and empower local communities on environmental justice and sustainability efforts, and learn about careers in this space.

Speakers include: (more…)

December 28, 2020

Green Careers: Online Resume Workshop

Resume Workshop

The GreenHomeNYC Careers group is hosting an online resume workshop.

With the new administration, economic recovery is being coupled with a renewed focus on green jobs. Now is the time to update your resume.

Join the GreenHomeNYC Careers group in an online resume workshop. During timed sessions with green and career professionals, you’ll receive constructive, personalized feedback on how to present your skills and experience so you get the attention of employers and land the job you want.

We will use Zoom Breakout rooms to pair resume reviewers with attendees.

Sign up today to secure your spot for the resume workshop!


October 7, 2020

Green Careers – October – Sustainability in Government

Interested in Sustainability in Government? Join us for a panel on the Government sector!

  NYC and NYS are taking many steps toward greening our city and to ensure it happens there are many government agencies involved in carrying out these plans. Varied agencies take on different roles and responsibilities and it can be difficult to parse out the differences. Come join us to hear from individuals who work at the nexus of government and sustainability. (more…)

June 27, 2020

Interview: Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Buildings—Filling the Skills Gap 

By Jude Jussim   Tom Sahagian knows there’s no time left to dawdle in controlling the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from New York City’s buildings. The problem: There’s a shortage of people with the right skills to do it. Sahagian is not talking about policy wonks. “The life of the mind is not what’s going to get us to solving the climate crisis. Pontificating doesn’t do it. You need people who can actually physically do what’s required.”   Sahagian, a GreenhomeNYC board member with many years of experience as an energy efficiency consultant, believes that to dramatically decrease building-generated GHGs, the city’s buildings will have to be powered with clean electricity (e.g. wind or solar) rather than fossil fuels.   An Electrifying Challenge “New York City needs to convert a thousand buildings a year for the next 30 years,” he says, “which will take hard work and coordination and commitment—and contractors and workers with the right skills. And right now, we have a shortage of those people.”   (more…)

January 29, 2020

Green Careers: Resume Workshop

Join us for Green Careers’ Resume Workshop on February 11th!   During timed sessions with resume critics, you’ll receive constructive, personalized feedback on how to present your skills and experience in the best way possible. How It Works: At this workshop we’ll have timed sessions with resume critics, during which you’ll receive constructive, personalized feedback on your current resume. Be sure to: — Be prompt! The event starts at 6:30pm, so be sure to arrive early. — Bring at least five hard copies of your resume for review. — Be prepared to discuss your resume and contribute to evaluating others. We have a great team of reviewers lined-up for the workshop, so you’ll be sure to get some constructive feedback on how to improve your resume.   Date: Tuesday, February 11th Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm Location: Steven Winter Associates, 307 7th Avenue 17th Flr, New York, NY 10001   NOTE: Doors open at 6:15pm. To respect the time of our speakers and guests, the event will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Please note that tickets are non-refundable.   If you have any questions, please contact the GreenHomeNYC Green Careers group at [email protected].   Book your ticket here!

January 27, 2020

GreenHomeNYC Careers Recap: Careers in the New Green Economy — Government Edition

By Jonathan Oriondo     On October 29th, GreenHomeNYC convened a panel discussion on sustainability careers in government, a field that promises change and growth in the new green economy. In New York in particular, breakthrough climate legislation is not just leading the way to a carbon neutral city; as our speakers demonstrated, it is also leading to innovative and meaningful careers.   (more…)

January 6, 2020

Green Careers: Corporate Social Responsibility Panel Discussion

Join us for our first 2020 Green Careers meeting for a panel discussion + Q&A with individuals who work in corporate social responsibility.   Corporate social responsibility (CSR), is how companies pursue sustainability goals, give back to their local communities, and make general efforts to improve society via the lens of business. This is your opportunity to ask the professionals about their career history and how you too could possibly transition your career into related work. Informal networking will follow at a local venue.   Speakers include:  Judy Albert – The New School Julie Jack – APCO Worldwide Ashley Hartman – Verisk   (more…)

October 28, 2019

Green Careers September Recap: Careers Paths to Energy Efficient Buildings

By Elena Weissmann Photo by Alicja Osinska On September 10, 2019, the GreenHomeNYC community gathered at GROHE to learn from industry experts about jobs in the energy efficient buildings arena here in New York City. We were lucky to be joined by Elizabeth Taveras of the NYC Division of Energy Management (DEM), Daquan Dennis from the CUNY Building Performance Lab, and Mina Agarabi of Agarabi Engineering PLLC.   Elizabeth, Daquan, and Mina gave participants a glimpse into a day in the life at their current workplaces, an understanding of the journeys that took them there, and advice on how participants might navigate their own journeys into this growing field. They also addressed the impact New York City’s new Local Law 97 will have on both careers and culture in the city’s buildings. (more…)