November 23, 2015

{Green Careers} October 2015 Recap: BE NYC – Sustainability Career Tracks

  By Thomas Storck   October’s  Green Careers meet-up featured three sustainability leaders whose careers ranged from medicine to equipment manufacturing to government. Each professional, who spoke at this year’s NESEA Building Energy NYC conference shared inspiring information about their work and career histories, and weighed in on career advice for those who want to pursue sustainability careers.   Photo. Read more…

November 14, 2015

The Local Impact of Climate Change and New York City

By Gemma Raye Photos by Pamela Berns   With the upcoming climate talks in Paris, many of us are thinking globally about how world leaders will work to halt the damage that’s been done to a fragile planet that is now in serious danger. As New Yorkers, we also think locally as we continue to ponder. Read more…

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November 2, 2015

October Forum Recap: Sustainable Renovations: Energy Audits and Energy Gut Rehabs

by Katya Guletsky   An energy audit can help building managers and owners understand and control the costs of operating a building. But what happens during the audit, what does an auditor look for and what techniques do they use? How do they present their recommendations? What would warrant an energy gut rehab?   At. Read more…

Javits Center: The Largest Green Roof in NYC

by Shari Baitcher   In New York, a city with one of the highest population densities in the U.S., every square foot is valuable. In recent years more thought has been given to the space on top of buildings. With 840,000 square feet of exhibition space occupying 6 city blocks, the Jacob K. Javits Convention. Read more…

November 1, 2015

November Forum: Energy and Water Audits for Multifamily Buildings: GreeenHomeNYC’s Young Pros Show You the Ropes

  If you are a multifamily building owner, a coop or condo owner, or a professional trying to break into the field, this forum is for you.  Two of GreenHomeNYC’s gifted volunteer staff will discuss their work in auditing and retrofitting multifamily buildings, and how to start from the ground up.  Please join Andrea Mancino,. Read more…

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October 19, 2015

NYC Curbside Organics Collection Expands–Plus Post-Halloween Pumpkin Smash Composting Project

NYC ORGANICS COLLECTION EXPANSION NYC Organics Collection is expanding! This fall, another 53,000 households in Brooklyn and Queens will be able to recycle their organic waste right at the curb! DSNY collects yard waste, food scraps, and food-soiled paper from homes and small buildings in pilot areas. PUMPKIN SMASH 2015 You smash them – and. Read more…

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October 16, 2015

October Green Building Tour: Jacob Javits Center Green Roof

Join GreenHomeNYC for a special tour of the green roof of New York City’s Jacob Javits Center on Friday, October 23rd at 2pm The Jacob Javits Convention Center is home to the second largest green roof on a single, free-standing building in the U.S. and the largest in NYC! The green roof was completed in October 2014 and is. Read more…

October 14, 2015

Your Contribution to the California Drought

By Larry Buchanan, Josh Keller and Haeyoun Park Photos and video by Tony Cenicola and Dave Frank   California farmers produce more than a third of the nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts. To do that, they use nearly 80 percent of all the water consumed in the state. It is the most. Read more…

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October 3, 2015

October Forum: Sustainable Renovation

. . Sustainable Rehab:  Simple to Complex Fixes of Existing Buildings   Many people feel that a moderate or gut rehab needs to be expensive and include high tech devices; indeed, some simple rehab jobs save so much, they would be considered deep energy retrofits, although their cost is low to moderate.  Conversely, there are. Read more…

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September 30, 2015

A Greener Future for Waste Management

by Tamanna Virmani   All of us living or working in New York City recognize and admire the fact that the city is a trailblazer in many areas. However, waste management in general, and organics recycling in particular, have been challenging issues for the city – issues needing a trailblazing spirit to establish best practices. Read more…