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951 Pacific Street. A Passive House Project

A Green Residential Building in Brooklyn, NY.

  • 951 Pacific Street will be a sustainable newly construction row house built to Passive House Requirements which provide a 75% reduction in energy use. Each apartment will be provided with it's own Solar PV system. Energy modeling is being finalized and it is believed that each unit will achieve Net Zero.This project will serve as a sustainable model project for the Development Group, Autonomous Energy Works, a 4 story building with 3 apartments. Each apartment will have it's own individual outdoor space. The apartments are each 1500 sf with great natural light and high ceilings.

    951 Pacific Street is being designed to meet the Passive House Certification Requirements. Passive House is a Sustainable Design Certification that emphasizes a comprehensive energy use reduction approach, utilizing super-insulated/triple glazed windows- high performance building envelope; virtually air-tight building; limitation of thermal bridging balanced energy recovery ventilation; heat from passive solar gains and internal heat gains (people and equipment)to create an extraordinary reduction in energy use and carbon emission.
    The Passive House approach integrates PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), an energy model which sets a limit on energy use. PHPP provides multiple methods to limit energy use and meet the Passive House Minimum Requirements. The Passive House Standard has been verified to result in buildings that are 75% more efficient than standard construction methods.
  • Size in sq. ft.
  • 5000
  • No. floors
  • 4
  • Certification
  • Passive House Certified
  • Green Energy Features
  • Solar PV 4.5 kw per apt
    Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Energy Efficiency Features
  • 74% more Efficient than Code.
    High Performance Building Envelope.
    High Performance Windows and Doors.
    Thermal Breaks Minimized.
    Energy Recovery Ventilation.
    Carefully detailed and built, Virtually Air Tight Building. 0.6 Air Changes per Hour[@50pascal]
    Heat from Solar and Internal Gains
    High Efficiency LED Lighting.
    Smart energy control for each space for energy efficiency and superior comfort.
  • Green Products
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation, incredible indoor air quality. 90% efficient.
    High Performance Doors and Windows. R-9
    Each unit will be connected to an outdoor space, rear garden, terraces and roof deck. Planting will be abundant.
  • Water Conservation Features
  • Low flow fixtures. Duel flow Toilets.
    Rain Water Collection Cistern for irrigation.
    Blue Roof.
  • Transportation
  • 5 Blocks to Mass Transit.
    Bicycle Parking.
  • Window brand
  • R-9, Passive House Certified
  • Amount and type of insulation
  • Insulation placed mostly outside envelope.
    R-40 Walls
    R-70 Roof
    R-20 Slab
    R-9 Windows Doors

    Air Sealing to 0.6 ACH [@50 Pascal]
  • Type of building (home, school, commercial, etc.)
  • 1-4 family residential
  • Designer
  • Paul A. Castrucci, Architect
  • Fuel Type
  • Electric/Solar PV
  • Company Public
  • www.castrucciarchitect.com
  • Benchmark Score
  • 4.75 kbtu/sf/year
  • Expected or actual energy savings
  • 75% Reduction
  • Owner/Developer
  • Autonomous Energy Works
  • Building energy consultant/MEP
  • Zero Energy, Jordan Goldman
  • Renewables Installer
  • TBD
  • Residential type
  • Coop
  • Number of units
  • 4