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The Eltona

A Green Residential in Bronx, NY.
  • 429 East 156th Street
  • Bronx
  • NY
  • 10455
  • Les Bluestone
  • Map

  • A 63 unit, five story, low income residential rental building constructed entirely of precast concrete in the Melrose section of the Bronx.

    This project was developed under The NYS Department of Housing and Community Renewal's "Homes for Working Families" program and the NYC Housing Development Corporation's "LAMP" program. The building is enrolled in NYSERDA's Multifamily Performance program and the USGBC's LEED for Homes program. The building will be the subject of a study to be performed by the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine on the effects of living in a green building on families who suffer from asthma.
  • On East 156th Street between Melrose and Elton Avenues.
  • Construction year
  • 2009
  • Size in sq. ft.
  • 73000
  • No. floors
  • 5
  • Certification
  • USGBC LEED, NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program
  • Green Energy Features
  • Ten 1kw roof mounted wind turbines
  • Energy Efficiency Features
  • Natural gas condensing boilers to provide hydronic multi-zoned heat (90-99% efficiency).

    Tekmar boiler reset controls with apartment temperature sensors.

    Two 5kw micro CHP co-generation units provide 100% of building's domestic hot water supply.

    All mechanical system motors are NEMA premium efficiency and where feasible, larger motors are variable frequency drive.

    All energy star lighting fixtures.

    All energy star appliances inside apartments and in public laundry rooms.

    Bi-level occupancy sensor lighting in stairwells and cellar corridors.

    Occupancy sensor switching in laundry, storage, trash, and all utility and mechanical rooms.

    Daylight sensor switching for lobby lighting.

    Low U-value (.26-.29) fiberglass energy star windows.
  • Green Products
  • Low VOC paints, flooring adhesives, caulking and sealants.

    Low VOC wall covering in public corridors with 50% recycled content.

    Low VOC CRI rated recycled/recyclable carpet tiles in public corridors.

    Formaldehyde free kitchen and bath cabinetry.

    Vinyl strip flooring with 67% recycled post consumer content.

    Formaldehyde free ceiling tiles with 88% recycled content.

    Formaldehyde free fiberglass batt and rigid insulation.

    Recycled light gauge steel framing materials.

    Formaldehyde free MDF window stools.

    Continuous compartmentalized direct vent background energy star ventilation system with trickle vents at each window opening.

    MERV 8 filtered corridor make up air.

    This is a 100% smoke free building.

    Recycled concrete and masonry aggregate for drainage and under slab base at cellar and all sitework.

    Recycling of city roadway millings as sub base for surface parking area.

    30% fly ash content in sitework concrete material.

    Ceramic top electric ranges instead of gas to eliminate all CO production inside units.

    Recycling of all construction waste including on site separation of drywall and metal.
  • Water Conservation Features
  • Dual flush toilets (0.8/1.6gpf)

    0.995 gpm showerheads

    0.75 gpm kitchen faucet aerators

    0.5 gpm lavatory aerators

    Drip irrigation system for landscaping.

    Use of all drought tolerant and native plants in landscaping.
  • Transportation
  • Seven blocks to # 2 & 5 subway lines, half block to Bronx bus lines.

    Six blocks to Metro North Station.

    There is enclosed bicycle storage on each floor of the building.

    There is on site parking and a posted ride share board in the building.
  • Window brand
  • Robert
  • Amount and type of insulation
  • 2" rigid foam insulation thermal break at inside of exterior walls (R-10):3.5" fiberglass batt insulation (R-13) at exterior wall framing (inside of thermal break):5" polyisocyanurate insulation at roof (R-32.5 on top of roof deck, under membrane):2" rigid foam insulation full height at exterior of cellar walls and non excavated foundation walls (R-10):2" rigid fiberglass insulation (R-8.4) at underside of first floor slabs over cellar:2" rigid foam insulation (R-10) under slab on grade 4' inside of foundation walls
  • Type of building (home, school, commercial, etc.)
  • Residential
  • Designer
  • Danois Architects, P.C.
  • Builder
  • Blue Sea Construction Co., LLC
  • Construction or renovation cost
  • 16534000
  • Fuel Type
  • Natural gas/electric
  • Number of units
  • 63