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Emerald Green

A Green Multifamily residential in New York, NY.
  • 320 west 38th Street
  • New York
  • NY
  • 10018
  • (212)535-0500

  • Emerald Green is the newest example of the Glenwood Commitment to The Finest Quality of Life. As the original Developer/Owner, The Glenwood family has always believed in staying in charge of everything from Day One: From the location, the architect and the construction to the daily management of every one of their spectacular residences.
  • Construction year
  • 2008
  • Size in sq. ft.
  • 500000
  • No. floors
  • 24
  • Certification
  • LEED certified
  • Energy Efficiency Features
  • Energy use and generation:
    On-site generation: solar/photovoltaics
    Superior Insulation - (i.e. cellulose or formaldehyde free)
    Space heating and cooling:
    Gas furnace at least 90% efficient
    Electric heating is high efficiency
    Heat Pump (water or electric)
    User-controlled thermostats (multifamily building)
    Appliances and equipment:
    Refrigerator meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR standard
    Dishwasher meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR standard
    Clothes washer meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR standard
    Windows open
    Energy efficient lighting fixtures
    Energy efficient bulbs
    Use of LEDs
    Daylighting sensor controls
    Motion sensor controls
    Exterior light pollution reduction
  • Green Products
  • Interior finishes:
    Low/No VOC interior paint
    Low/No VOC adhesives or solvents
    Low/No VOC water-based wood finishes
    Formaldehyde free particle board, oriented strandboard, or plywood
    Rapidly renewable materials (i.e. bamboo, cork)
    Recycled content or salvaged interior finishes (i.e., glass)
    Natural flooring (i.e. linoleum, Marmoleum)
    Carpet Rug Industry green label (or green label plus)
    Natural wood interior or exterior
    Treated wood that does not contain chromium or arsenic
    New construction - materials sourced locally
    Sustainable decking materials
    Design and construction planning:
    Minimized use of materials during construction
    Recycled greater than 50% of construction waste
    Use of locally sourced materials
    Use of rapidly renewable materials
  • Water Conservation Features
  • Surface water management:
    Ecoroof, roof garden, green roof
    Water reuse:
    Rainwater harvesting system (i.e. rain barrels or cistern)
    Water heating:
    Insulated water pipes or tank
  • Transportation
  • Preferred parking or plug ins for low-emitting, fuel efficient OR alternative fuel vehicles
    Charging stations for electric cars
  • Type of building (home, school, commercial, etc.)
  • Multifamily residential
  • Company Public
  • Glenwood NYC
  • Owner/Developer
  • Glenwood NYC
  • Residential type
  • Rental
  • Number of units
  • 568