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Dagher Engineering Office

A Green Office in New York, NU.

  • As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, Dagher Engineering designed its office space to achieve LEED Gold certification. The design includes the build-out of 10,000 square-feet of office space, and incorporates numerous sustainable and earth-friendly elements. Dagher Engineering was the first engineering firm in New York City to obtain LEED certification for its offices.

    Acting both as the designer for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire-protection systems and the LEED consultant for the project, the firm focused on integrating energy efficient systems, incorporating natural lighting, using sustainable finishes and materials, and promoting excellent indoor air quality. Innovative design solutions included:

    Radiant cooling panels. Adapted to a building with operable windows, the ceiling panels represent the first use of this technology in the U.S.

    Variable air volume discharge rates. A single zone system takes advantage of varying fan speeds without the added expense of installation—resulting in space-wide comfort and a substantial reduction in energy consumption.

    Demand-controlled ventilation rates. Maximizes occupant comfort and operating costs by introducing variable rates of ventilated air based on occupant density.

    UV lights. Incorporated into the design of the air handling units irradiating wet surfaces to eliminate the probability of spore entrainment.

    Water conservation techniques. Dual-flush toilets and waterless urinal.
  • Dagher Engineering is a professional practice and cannot accommodate visitors without a scheduled appointment. Please call in advance to arrange a tour of the office.
  • 29 Broadway is a short walking distance from the Wall Street Subway Station (#4 or 5 trains), the Rector Street Subway station (#1 Train), or the Whitehall St - South Ferry station (R or W Trains).
  • Construction year
  • 2006
  • Size in sq. ft.
  • 10000
  • No. floors
  • 1
  • Certification
  • USGBC LEED (Seeking certification or certified)
  • Energy Efficiency Features
  • Radiant Cooling Panels - Office spaces are generally kept at comfortable temperatures during the summer season through the introduction of cool air discharged from a duct distribution system. Although this system is fairly efficient and easy to operate and maintain, it relies on a fan that consumes a significant amount of energy. In an effort to minimize fan energy, Dagher incorporated radiant ceiling panels to provide the necessary cooling in certain spaces. Although this technology has been applied in Europe for buildings that have a very tight environmental control system, and in climates that are relatively dry, no one had been able to develop such a system for the New York area, and especially for a building with operable windows.::

    Variable air volume discharge rates - Variable air volume technology, which has been in effect for several years, provides several advantages, as it reduces energy use by varying fan speeds, while providing superior temperature control within office spaces. Unfortunately, this technology is extremely expensive to install, and is only considered for very high-end companies. Most office spaces still rely on a constant volume of discharged air, with one thermostat controlling either the operation of a compressor or the flow of chilled water through a cooling coil. Dagher devised a single-zone system that takes advantage of varying fan speeds without the added expense of installation. This results in extremely comfortable conditions throughout the space, while contributing to a reduction of 60% in power consumption.
  • Green Products
  • Dagher used rapidly renewable materials and recycled contents, such as bamboo and linoleum flooring, and recycled denim insulation. Where recycled materials were not used, low or zero VOC-emitting materials, such as adhesives for carpets and paints, were applied.
  • Type of building (home, school, commercial, etc.)
  • Office
  • Designer
  • Jeffries Morris, Inc.
  • Building Style
  • Circa 1931 Art Deco Office Building.