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Red Hook Community Farms

A Green in New York City, NY.
  • 3-49 Halleck Street
  • New York City
  • NY
  • 11231

  • Red Hook Community Farm is run by Added Value, a non-profit organization promoting the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders.

    Working in close concert with Partnerships For Parks, The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and our neighbors, Added Value has begun to transform old Todd Memorial into Red Hook Community Farm.

    In addition to being a working farm where produce is grown, the Farm serves as the primary platform for youth empowerment programs and our Farm Based Learning work. Through these programs Red Hook Community Farm has become a place where we can nurture a shared vision, develop the skills necessary to build a more sustainable world, address global warming by lessening the environmental impact of our community and improving access to healthy affordable food.
  • Since opening in the Fall of 2003, Red Hook Community Farm has been successful at:

    - Serving as a daily educational/work site for more the 115 teens through our youth programs
    - Growing 12 tons of produce for donation, sale and consumption
    -Creating $120,000 in local economic activity, and
    - Generating $70,000 in revenue for youth stipends.

    On the Farm our staff and Youth Leadership team are sowing the seeds of change by:

    - Providing on-going, standards-based educational programming for more than 280 elementary school students,
    - Leading workshops for more than 1300 schoolchildren annually,
    - Conducting “In-Service Days” for more than 25 partner organizations,
    - Hosting service-learning and informational sessions for youth and adults from as close as Carroll Gardens and as far away as Columbia, South America, and
    - Creating opportunities for 3,850 people to volunteer, donating an average of 10 hours of service towards community improvement.
  • Take the F/G subway to Carroll St. stop, or the B61 Bus to Beard St - Otsego St.
  • Construction year
  • 2003
  • Size in sq. ft.
  • 119
  • Green Products
  • Largest non-city composting operation in NYC, transforming the Farms’ plant material into rich hummus for healthier vegetables, supplemented by our program to receive vegetable waste from some of our local restaurant partners and the local food coop, as well as individual households in the community
  • Type of building (home, school, commercial, etc.)
  • Farm